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Finding high quality, low cost web hosting is more of an art than a science in South Africa. Onepoint Hosting is here to guide you to making the right hosting decisions for your business.

Helping you find a cheap / reliable web hosting that is scalable for your business

What does a good web hosting? Should it be a professional or a cheap solution? And you can find a cheap hosting of your website in South Africa? At Onepoint hosting we try take care of the tech questions so that you don’t need to hunt for solid web hosting services.

There are many good and cheap web hosting services in South Africa, and thus many different prices. There are actually so many providers of web hosting as well as domains gradually that it may be relatively difficult to get a reasonable overview of the many different offers.

We want to make it easier for you to find the best prices and the best web space for your business. The web hosting that suits you may not suit others, and vice versa. Therefore, it is necessary to look at demand and prices when you need to go online with your business, and thus will need to find the best hosting for your website and company.

Prices of web hosting

On this page we give you a thorough overview of the prices of the various web hosting services available on the South African market.

Depending on needs and budget, there are a wide range of prices and options. When you need to find a hosted solution in South Africa, you will find that there are actually quite a difference between the various suppliers.

The individual prices ranging incredibly wide, and these depend very much on whether you need a  professional web hosting  or cheap web hosting .

The best hosting Services in South Africa

When you need to find the best hosting in South Africa, it is important to know the needs you and your company. Because of that there are so many players in the South African market, there are equally good options to choose the right solution for you.

However, you can quickly become confused by the many providers of professional and cheap web hosting services, and therefore, we help you find the best solution to cost effectively drive your business requirements. We guide you to identify your needs – where do you find the most optimal web hosting for exactly you?

You will be continually better understand your needs, while learning to assess the different prices and thus figure out whether you actually seen is what you need.

Hosting your website

You need to find a company that offers hosting of your website. When you need to have a website up and running, the website namely hosted on a server. Here are the providers of web hosting services into the picture.

Their job is to ensure that the servers are running so smoothly, stable and fast as possible – all to provide a good and safe hosting of your website.

When you need to select a company to host your website, it comes back depends on your needs. Do you need a very professional solution to be able to draw large amounts of traffic and running quickly and smoothly, then it costs naturally then.

Conversely, it may be a very expensive business to compromise on the price if you actually seen the need for a professional solution. If your hosting account does not perform the necessary, then simply go missing out on potentially many customers and orders.

The difference between professional and cheap web hosting

The primary difference between professional and cheap web hosting is the space your website is available on the server. The professional web hosting offers far better performance, thereby opens up a secure entrance for your customers.

Therefore, a cheap is not always best when it comes to web hosting.

The more you have to share your web hosting with, the more unstable and slow your website. This means that if you have a great need for stability and space on your website, for example. if you run a shop, or if the website is the primary input for your business, then you should use a proper and effective hosting of your website.

It can sometimes be difficult if you choose one of the cheap solutions, as you compromise on space and stability. It then results in the lost visitors, resulting in lost customers, which then ultimately results in lost income.

Consider think carefully whether you want to save in this area.

What needs do I have?

As shown above, there are many factors that come into play when choosing between the many different providers and prices on the market.

Therefore, we help you on this page to make sense of the many providers and offers, and we help you to get a glimpse of your own needs as well as an overview of the possibilities. We also put together an FAQ that explains what a web

You can use our filtering features to find the best solution for you.

We explain you how you should be aware where you need to be careful and the various features and options you need to bring in your consideration when you make the best choice for you and your business.

You will find various guides and articles dealing with websites, domains and web hosting around on our website. During our different categories you will find useful information on this particular cheap web hosting services versus professional web hosting services as well as information about the hosting of the various CMS programs and more.