Wireless internet connectivity allows you to connect to the internet without wires. One Point Hosting has researched the market and has partnered with the best service providers in the business to be able to provide you the most efficient, most cost effective solution for your business.

We have numerous wireless options available, tailored to meet the needs of your business.


  • Superior voice and data Internet services to fit your individual lifestyle or business.
  • Alternative to fixed line to bonded ADSL services
  • Lowest contention rates of 10:1 on a business carrier network, which is protected from peer to peer users
  • Select between 5 mbps, 10 mbps and 20 mbps, 30 mbps or 40mbps
  • Choose between bandwidth on demand or completely uncapped services

Wireless Radio Links

Popular in suburban and rural areas, the Wireless Internet Service Provider, WISP, uses a small radio dish on the user's location to manage anĀ Internet signal from a radio link station. Its main downfall is instability in poor weather conditions which has dramatically improved over the last few years. This type of installation is generally inexpensive and available at most areas where other high-speed internet connections are not yet available.