Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning , or ERP is the name for a software program that handles the majority of a company’s functional areas. ERP integrates all business functions such as order processing, sales, purchasing, inventory management and accounting system. ERP based mostly on one common database for the whole company.

ERP helps with the internal organization of input and output from the company, and to keep track of business transactions. It is also possible to buy an ERP system that is targeted for different industries, and pt. is made solutions for production, retail trade and wholesale, wine and spirits, transport and project.

Pt. there are three major players in the market for ERP systems:

  1. SAP
    • SAP ECC is a product for large companies> 1000 employees
    • All in One is a product that hits the middle group of companies from 50 to 1,000 employees
    • Business One is a product that covers all small businesses.
  2. Oracle
    • Primarily the US market targeted
  3. Microsoft
    • Having bought the former Danish Navision / Damgaard. Navision is now a global integrated part of Microsoft’s product portfolio, which is known as NAV and is part of the Microsoft Dynamics line
    • Dynamics line includes C5, GP, NAV and AX, where the last is in version 2012 .